4115 New Castle Rd

Pulaski, PA 16143

4115 New Castle Rd
Pulaski, PA 16143

Your Premier Destination for Yanmar and Husqvarna’s Power Equipment and Portage & Main’s Powerful Boilers.

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Portage & Main Boilers and Furnaces

The superior Portage & Main outdoor boilers are designed to provide you with hot water heat on demand. At RTL Forest & Farm, we take pride in being the only full-service Portage & Main dealer in Western Pennsylvania. Call (724) 216-6620 or visit us today.

Delivery, Installation and Supplies

Our boilers are available for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. If you need delivery or outside installation, we can accommodate your needs. We can excavate, prepare a pad, bury the insulated pipe and more. We are not HVAC certified so we don’t install inside your building.

If you are looking for supplies to maintain your furnace, you will be pleased to know that we have them. We stock antifreeze, water treatment, insulated underground pipe, miscellaneous parts, and firewood. We can supply heat exchangers, circulation pumps, fittings and more.

PA Counties Where You Can Buy Portage & Main Boilers From Us

Outside of the above counties, call for more information.

  • Lawrence
  • Mercer
  • Forest
  • Warren
  • Elk
  • Crawford
  • Butler
  • Clarion
  • Jefferson
  • Armstrong
  • Venango