4115 New Castle Rd

Pulaski, PA 16143

4115 New Castle Rd
Pulaski, PA 16143


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Lawn Tractor and Mower Maintenance Service

  • We are an Authorized Husqvarna Dealer and repair facility. We are an Authorized Dealer and repair facility for Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, and Kawasaki engines.
  • We will service most brands of tractor or mower.
  • We use lubricants recommended by the manufacturers on all applications.
Tractor or Z2XX Z4XX or Z5XX Push Mower AWD Mower
Price $229 $269 $80.00 $95.00
Chg Engine Oil Y Y Y Y
Chg Oil Filter Y Y
Chg Fuel Filter Y Y
Chg Sprk Plug(s) Y Y Y Y
Chg Air Filter if needed Y Y Y Y
Sharpen Blade(s) Y Y Y Y
Check Belts Y Y Y
Level Deck Y Y
Clean Deck Y Y Y Y
Check Tires Y Y Y Y
Check Spindles Y Y Y Y
Check Pulleys Y Y Y
Grease Y Y
Adjust Controls Y Y Y Y
Chg Trans Oil & Filter Add $149(1) or $249(2) Add $149(1) or $249(2)
Synth 10w-30 Add $17.00 Add $17.00 Add $9.00 Add $9.00

Pick up and return delivery within 20 miles of our facility – $140.00 Further distance $3.50/mile one way each trip.

Prices above do not include repairs of non-operational equipment (equipment that will not start or has other issues). Equipment must be functional when we receive it or it will then be a repair rather than maintenance service and not covered under this plan.

Not Included: Any parts not specifically mentioned above (e.g. new belts, new blades, new spindles, new pulleys, new tires), welding. No new parts will ever be added without customer’s approval.